Maintaining proper business financial control is essential for any company that wants to succeed in today’s world. With so much market competitiveness, you need to keep every single fine detail about your business venture in check to have the upper hand in terms of financials.

One of the key components to sound financial health is to have a cash flow model you can rely on to know at all times the exact amounts of money your company has. WAYFINDERS Consulting is an expert company with years of experience in cash flow modelling. A professional chartered accountant is assigned to you to provide top-tier cash flow solutions.

What is Cash Flow Modelling?

When you think about cash flow modelling, there is one concept that you need to bear in mind: Solvency. The be-all and end-all purposes of cash flow modelling are to maximize solvency by magnifying the visibility of your company’s assets, investments, income, expenditure, and debts to predict your business’s future performance.

Modelling your cash flow adequately allows you to plan for the future, whether it be to weather storms during difficult market fluctuation seasons, or even during recessions. In addition, during times of prosperity, you also enable yourself to know more exactly how much you are to spend without going overboard.

For instance, if you want to expand your company but you also need to invest money, cash flow models tell you exactly how much you can spend on that particular purpose.

Each company is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach might not be the best for cash flow models. That is the reason why you need us. We create cash flow models tailored to your company’s requirements and leadership style, fuelled by data and analytics.

So long to unnecessarily rely on loans and debt to make your business grow. The ultimate desideratum is the services of WAYFINDERS Consulting.

Pros of Cash Flow Modelling

  • You get a trustworthy graphic representation of your company’s future
  • You can visualize data better
  • It allows you to detect opportunities better
  • It helps you reduce the impact of potential threats
  • You gain confidence in your decision-making processes
  • You manage to determine your company’s options better

Cons of Not Confecting Cash Flow Models

  • You are unable to properly gauge your company’s overheads
  • You do not maximize your profit margins
  • You cannot pace your company’s growth rate adequately
  • You are bound to underestimate general operational costs
  • You miss out on beneficial external investment opportunities

Get the Best Cash Flow Services in the Market Today!

When you hire us, you are incorporating the most valuable asset a company can possess: reliable information. Plus, guidance, undivided attention, and optimal customer support are traits that distinguish us and separate us from the crowd. Here is what you get with us:

  • Adapted and customized cash flow models
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Cash flow planning
  • Cash flow report maintenance
  • Budget analysis
  • Overhead costs supervision
  • Account payables and receivables track keeping
  • Financial risk management
  • Bank statement reconciliations
  • Financial contract revision
  • Cash flow consulting


Pensions are one of the most important aspects employers must take into account when deciding to take in employees, as some deductions from wages need to be done, and you must also choose an adequate pension scheme. Let WAYFINDERS Consulting manage these affairs for you with the provided assistance of a professional chartered accountant.

What Are Pensions?

Workplace pensions are one of the forms of saving for retirement that must be arranged by employers for employees. You must pay them under the context of Auto Enrolment rules.

Contributions are taken partly from your employees’ salary—that is 5% as a minimum contribution—and a part that you must also contribute with—a minimum of 3%—that amounts to a total of 8% worth of minimum contributions. These contributions can either be a fixed amount or a percentage that is based on the earnings of your employees in a given period.

What Is the Relevance of Pensions?

Pensions are very relevant, as they are a means for your employees to be able to retire in the future. There are different plans that can adapt to both your needs as an employer, and those of your employees.

WAYFINDERS Consulting provides intensive counselling, guidance, and support throughout all of the stages that pensions for employers demand.

Types of Pension

There are different types of pensions under the current system: State pensions, defined contribution pensions, and defined benefits pensions. The first one is public, while the other two are private.

State pensions are those that you can claim once you reach a certain age. This age is called the State Pension age. For a long time, this age has been a standardized age of 65 years. However, there are current plans to push forward the age to those born after April 6, 1970, to 67 and 68, depending on what age bracket you were born in. This is very important, as this will also help determine the amounts that must be contributed to your employees.

The defined contribution pension, also sometimes called a ‘money purchase’ pension, can be conceived as a pension pot. One example of a very well-known workplace pension is Nest, which must be arranged by the employer. The money is invested by the pension provider, and the size of the pot is defined by the performance of these investments.

Then, there is a type named the benefit pension. This type of pension relies on your employees’ earnings, mostly based on their longevity at the workplace, and their pension scheme terms.

At WAYFINDERS Consulting we carefully assist you concerning which pension type to choose, safeguarding your interests and all those of the parties involved.

Pros of Pensions

  • Pensions make up for the typical losses of income experienced during retirement
  • Pensions provide economic protection to your employees and their families in case of demise
  • You also get retributions as an employer in the form of tax relief

We Deal with Pensions for You

This is what we can do for you:

  • PAYE registration and other services
  • Contribution calculations
  • Pension scheme planning
  • Tax deductions
  • Further HMRC support
  • Payroll run support


We get you. Payrolling can be a headache. Endless pages of overwhelming information, tight deadlines, several organisms involved, and too much paperwork to deal with simultaneously. Running payroll is a headache, and without proper assistance, it can become a burden on your shoulders quickly. WAYFINDERS Consulting is your aspirin.

Some Information on Payroll

For those of you that are rookies to the role of employer, payrolling is the comprehensive concept of paying your employees. As easy as you might think it is, chances are you are wrong. Payroll involves heavy amounts of documentation, tight deadlines, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Since you must pay on a certain date, you must also engage in several bureaucratic affairs before the check lands in your employees’ hands. Payroll involves actions such as running payroll—this is the calculation and distribution of wages and taxes, registering and running payroll schemes, and payroll submissions to tax agencies, to name a few.

One of the biggest issues with payrolling is that any minor mistake or slip-up can represent major trouble for you, as correcting an error when payrolling means squandering valuable time that you could otherwise spend on other rather meaningful tasks in your company. Moreover, payroll miscalculations can also affect tax deductions and net salaries, and you also run the risk of losing track of how much money goes for employee salaries.

Why take a chance to allow all of this to happen when you can have a payroll specialist do it for you? WAYFINDERS Consulting is the firm that covers all of your payroll needs.

Why Is It So Relevant to Keep Payroll in Check?

Proper payroll is crucial to any company that wants to showcase its employee’s seriousness and punctuality. Employees make your company work, so it is wise to compensate them accordingly and expeditiously.

Payroll mistakes usually come with newfound mistrust from your employees, accompanied by productivity decreases, and slumps in results.

Get your employees the treatment they deserve. WAYFINDERS Consulting keeps you and your employees happy.

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing

In case you wonder, payroll outsourcing is the act of delegating payrolling activities to third parties. Why would you ever need to outsource your payroll duties? The reason is simple: Our payroll outsourcing services are of top-notch quality. Our professional team is what your company demands.

These are some of the benefits of outsourcing your payroll:

  • You save time
  • You prioritize your mental health
  • You maintain and improve compliance
  • You avoid any potential payroll mistakes
  • You increase overall productivity
  • You create and facilitate a fluid payroll scheme based on your terms and possibilities

Why Choose Us?

As you can behold, payrolling is much more intricate than what you can perceive superficially. Therefore, it is vital that you summon a group that takes care of your payrolling needs with services that are catered to your possibilities and expectations.

This is what we can do for you:

  • Provide thorough payroll consulting and guidance
  • HMRC consulting
  • Supply online payment slips on your terms (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • RTI returns submissions
  • P45, P46, and P60 forms assistance
  • Employment allowance claims
  • SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay), SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), student loan deductions, and employees’ holiday pay calculations
  • Automated e-Mail payroll reminders
  • Unparalleled payroll help and support


Credit control is essential to any business that wants to thrive. Credit is a vital part of the inner workings of the economic system. However, you have got to have credit under control. Otherwise, it gets out of hand, and the results are more often than not dire. This is the reason why you must acquire our credit control services.

What Is Credit Control?

When you hand out credit to your customers, you do so under the expectation that they are going to pay back for a given product or service. The same logic applies to banks, who usually give money loans or other facilities under the assumption that the borrower returns them, plus interest.

Like banks, you have to be careful how you extend credit. If you are not diplomatic about this, it can certainly lead to poor relationships with clients. Also, on the other hand, if client debt racks up, you may even have to undergo liquidation. The best way to avoid this is through credit control.

Credit control is a form of supervision that involves the meticulous inspection of the overall prospect of credit extension. In simple terms, it means that you develop and streamline concrete processes that help you deem acceptable suitors for credit to those who are not. Naturally, those that possess positive credit history can be granted—and in some instances, they should be—more credit than those with questionable credit histories.

These are some of the aspects that involve credit control:

  • Credit period outlining
  • Percentage of cash discounts determination
  • Debt collection policies
  • Invoicing
  • Late payment processing
  • Client vetting and outreach

As you can observe, credit control is an arduous process that you may singlehandedly not be able to manage on your own accordingly. You are better off with a professional chartered accountant that does it for you. WAYFINDERS Consulting is that group that does credit control for you.

Why Is Credit Control Important?

Credit control is the cornerstone of any functional company. When you are a worker, oftentimes you just worry about doing your job right, and you then go home, taking for granted that you will collect your salary on a given day or time.

When you become a business owner, taking payments for granted without any concrete course of action to achieve it is borderline implausible. When you have to pay salaries, utility bills, and operational costs, it makes or breaks acquiring a crystal-clear outline of processes that ensures that the money will be flowing into your accounts by the end of a given period.

That is the sole reason why hiring us becomes a must. WAYFINDERS Consulting is a firm that maximizes your financial health, helps you attain a steady state of incoming cash flow, and creates a seamless stream of happy clients that pay for their invoices on time.

What You Get When You Hire WAYFINDERS Consulting

Correct credit control on its own already holds numerous advantages for your business. But, what if you are not squeezing the most out of your possibilities? What if there is a firm that is willing to go the extra mile for you? That is WAYFINDERS Consulting. This is what we offer as a firm:

  • Credit management advice
  • Cash flow confection
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Systems, personnel, and processes reviewing and counselling
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Ledger management
  • General credit control advice


Many companies usually face considerable challenges when they must fulfill administrative duties. This becomes even more noticeable when the company is large, as there are more departments, more personnel, and even minor aspects such as compliance start to weigh more.

It is a usual happening that companies begin their downfall when they become unable to surpass these common setbacks. At WAYFINDERS Consulting, we provide your company with company secretarial services that help you avoid these crashes.

What Are Company Secretarial Services?

You may be predisposed to assume that company secretarial services are the typical functions taken on by secretaries on any normal working day. This premise is erroneous, as this type of service consists of administrative-function-oriented assistance concordant with high levels of corporate governance, follows legislation-related compliance regarding businesses and industries, and guarantees effective administration policies.

This is an essential feat for all businesses, as many companies must adhere to diverse company standards, like, for example, UK’s Companies Act of 2006. This act calls for specific maintenance of certain records, such as those belonging to meeting holdings, interactions with any stakeholders and shareholders, activities involving government authorities, and conduct of board members, just to name a few.

Why Are Company Secretarial Services So Important?

Company secretarial services are crucial to any company that strongly desires to comply with all present-day regulations and to establish direct, solid relationships with shareholders and stakeholders. They lead most of the administrative tasks you can find in any company. However, the company secretarial’s main areas of focus are the following:

  • Ensuring correct paperwork supply
  • Consistency of proper conduct and legislation compliance concerning your company’s activity
  • Correspondence with shareholders and other similar parties

For instance, company secretarial is the segment of the company that is in charge of providing all of the necessary paperwork to all of the board members before any relevant meeting between all involved parties. At WAYFINDERS Consulting, we take care of this so that you do not have to.

Also, when your company is not legally compliant, secretaries are the ones to bring order. At WAYFINDERS Consulting, we carefully inspect all of your documentation so that your company is aligned with the requirements present in today’s active companies acts.

If any inspections are coming your company’s way, our crew of secretaries prepares accounts and reports that will transform inspections into concerns that belong to the past.

We also acknowledge how pesky setting up meetings with shareholders can be. With us, all you have to care about is showing up. The time and date, communication with shareholders, and preparation and paperwork are inclusive company secretarial services we diligently provide.

Advantages of Company Secretarial Services

  • Effective duty and responsibility management in timely ways
  • Years of expertise are put to work in your favour
  • You save up on training costs
  • You reduce risks

Why Hire Us?

We are a company with years worth of experience in company secretarial services. Our vast portfolio of satisfied clients is a testament to the quality of the work we bestow. Also, when you hire WAYFINDERS Consulting, you automatically acquire these services:

  • Annual Confirmation Statement filings at Companies House
  • Accounting referential dates
  • Restoration and dissolution
  • Registered office and service address
  • Diverse share actions, such as allotments, meetings and resolutions, and transfers
  • Company name changes
  • Directors’ meetings and resolutions